Finding Your Way: A Guide for Family Caregivers
250 Real Life Questions and Answers

Looking for Answers? If you are providing any kind of care for an older loved one, Dr. Rhodes' book "Finding Your Way" will save you countless hours of research and steer you clear from misguided caregiving detours.

Easy to read and formatted by specific subjects for easy access, this 400-page encyclopedic book will be your essential companion for day-to-day caregiving. The book expertly guides you in Navigating Health Care from nursing homes, hospitals, clinical trials, prescription drugs to living with chronic illness. You'll Navigate Life by learning how to handle family conflicts and relationships, help your loved one stay well and create a healthy lifestyle for the both of you. Navigating Legal and Money Matters will walk you through legal issues, insurance, and money matters and show you where valuable benefits and resources are just a phone call away.

Table of Contents:

Sample Questions:

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