About Dr. Rhodes

DR. LINDA RHODES is a former Secretary of Aging for the state of Pennsylvania and won two National Mature Media Awards. Dr. Rhodes has appeared on national talk shows, radio programs, CNBC and has been cited in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Businessweek, Family Circle, and More magazine. She is credited for initiating Pennsylvania's Family Caregiver Support Program which is often cited as a national model. She's been a caregiver herself, both in her home and via long-distance for her parents. Rhodes holds a doctorate from Teachers College, Columbia University and she is director of the Hirtzel Institute on Health Education and Aging.

Press and Media Interviews

Dr. Rhodes has appeared on national talk shows such as CNBC and Living it up with Ali and Jack. She's been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, More magazine, Better Homes & Garden, Family Circle, the New York Times along with numerous other newspapers and magazines, and is frequently interviewed for radio shows nationwide. Dr. Rhodes' most recent book, "The Essential Guide to Caring for Aging Parents," (Penguin Books) received a Silver National Mature Media Award.

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